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Do you feel guilty for not spending more time with your family? Or perhaps you feel guilty for being with your family instead of at work?

Is it a struggle to get others to see your value, or even worse, you don’t see your own value?

Is it a challenge to make sales because you fear coming off as “salesy” and instead of your authentic self?

Well, I certainly understand all of these situations as these are struggles I had to overcome in my lifetime. And many smart, successful women that I meet come to me with these exact same problems. They struggle with the delicate balance of work and life, not knowing their true value even though everyone else knows how amazing they are, and they are still uncomfortable with sales even though they have been in business for years!

That’s why I created the S.K.I.R.T. Sales Playbook 6-week online workshop. By the end of the 6 weeks, you will create an authentic and valuable selling system to help you connect, communicate and close easily while not only earning more money than ever before, but also never feeling salesy AND giving you more quality time with your family!

The S.K.I.R.T. Sales Playbook is a 6-week online workshop and includes:

  • Weekly Group Q&A Calls - This is where we go over any questions you have up to this point, and cover any and all of them
  • 1-Personal "Laser Focus" Coaching Call - You and I will get on the phone and go over the biggest issue and most urgent steps you can take right now to get where you want
  • Exclusive Members Only Facebook Page - Get access to this private Facebook page where you can find posts made by other course attendees.  You can also ask questions and get answers
  • VIP Email Access - Have a question? You can email me anything and get an answer
  • Personal Review of All Your Work - Let me see the work you've done, and I'll give you honest feedback and advice
  • Tickets to Live Events that I host
  • Video Content - 52 one minute videos
  • Workbooks - Sales process in modules
  • Signed copy of my book, "Famous Isn't Enough"


The Price of this 6 Week Online Course is only $997!

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